‘An Outrage! A Disgrace!’ Legal Expert Toobin Rips Special Counsel Report For Biden Slams On CNN — ‘Mistake’ To Appoint Republican

Feb 11, 2024

Tommy ChristopherFeb 9th, 2024, 7:28 am

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin ripped Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents, calling it “an outrage” for its “gratuitous” slams on Biden. He also criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland for the “mistake” of appointing a Republican to foster credibility.

Just over a year after AG Garland announced the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur to investigate the issue of classified documents discovered by Biden aides in private storage spaces — including his Wilmington home — and immediately turned over to the FBI, Hur’s report has dropped.

The good news is there will be no charges against Biden — but the bad news is the report is chock full of damaging asides about the president that have drawn fierce pushback from Biden and his team.

On Friday morning’s edition of CNN This Morning, Toobin took on that aspect of the report, slamming it as a disgraceful outrage and dinging Garland for making the “classic Democratic mistake”:

POPPY HARLOW: As a prosecutor did Robert Hur and his team crossed the line here? The White House case is you already explicitly laid out in this report why you’re not going to prosecute Biden. It is unnecessary and over the top to list out all these things. Why you think a jury would be sympathetic to him?

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Well, part of that report was an outrage, was a disgrace! I mean, the idea that they that he would make such a big point of of of Biden being elderly is not something a prosecutor needed to do.

That report didn’t have to be 300 pages. I mean, that report showed that Merrick Garland again made the classic Democratic mistake, which is “I know I’ll appoint a Republican, a Republican partisan, to investigate, and that will give us credibility.

No, it never works. James Comey trashed Hillary Clinton in very similar way when he when he said, we’re not going to pursue charges. He then trashed her.

What what Hur did is exactly the same thing. He exonerated him, but with the otherhand, raised these really unnecessary points.

POPPY HARLOW: I’m wondering. Unnecessary. You would never need to put that to help justify why you’re not going to bring a case.

JEFFREY TOOBIN: The issue in this investigation was criminal intent. That’s the difference between the Trump case and the Biden case.

But when when Biden’s people discovered classified information in in the one of the offices, they called in the archives, they cooperated with the FBI and they told the truth.

Donald Trump lied and obstructed, at least according to the indictment, extravagantly, endlessly. That’s what a prosecutor should be talking about. Not not, Biden’s elderly quality.

Watch above via CNN This Morning.

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