Cramer tells investors why they should be optimistic about the market

Feb 27, 2024

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday reminded investors there are many reasons to be optimistic about the current market, explaining why some companies beat Wall Street’s expectations and are now seeing gains.

“The next time you start to feel excessively negative about stocks, remember, every day, there are companies doing great things out there for you,” he said. “You just need to know where to look for them.”

Cramer named Domino’s Pizza, whose Monday earnings beat propelled its stock, closing up 5.85%. Impressed by the chain’s success despite an inflated economy, Cramer said the stock jumped because many investors didn’t give Domino’s the benefit of the doubt.

Palo Alto Networks was up 7.33% by Monday’s close after the stock took a hit last week when management lowered full-year guidance. CEO Nikesh Arora insisted Palo Alto’s lowered guidance was due to a changing business model, not a lack of demand for its cybersecurity products. Cramer suggested one reason for the stock’s rise could be an ongoing security breach at UnitedHealth.

He also noted that good companies can reinvent themselves quickly, mentioning recent turnarounds from retailers including Walmart, Ralph Lauren and Gap.

“These moves are all signs that are emblematic, not of a bubble, but of companies doing much better than expected,” Cramer said. “Stocks are going up on rational experience, they’re not going up on irrational, and they’re not going up on the dreaded multiple expansion, where people keep paying more for the same earnings.”

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