Dave Ramsey Calls Out A 61-Year-Old With ‘No Money’ — ‘Broke People Don’t Have $26,000 Tractors’

Feb 13, 2024

In September 2023, financial expert Dave Ramsey offered critical advice to a 61-year-old Arkansas woman, Teresa, with no money and plenty of debt. Her story was featured in a YouTube video titled “I’m 61 and Have No Money!

With an annual income of $67,000 and debt of roughly $69,000, the woman — and her disabled husband — have serious concerns about their current and future financial well-being.

After learning more about her debt — including a student loan and two personal loans, one of which she used to purchase a $26,000 tractor — Ramsey didn’t mince words.

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“Broke people don’t have $26,000 tractors.” He pointed out that her inability or unwillingness to sell the tractor, even at a loss, is holding her back from taking a step forward in improving her situation.

Ramsey encouraged the woman to get serious about her financial circumstances. He stressed the importance of taking drastic action to reduce and even eliminate debt.

He stated, “If I’m in your mode I’m so scared I’m going crazy…I’m selling the tractor, I’m selling the car, I’m going to get a two-thousand dollar car. I’m going to work like a crazy person.”

This advice was intended to help the woman understand just how serious her situation has become.

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Despite his straight-to-the-point advice, Ramsey provided a reassuring perspective, suggesting there is plenty of hope for a better future.

“If you’ll get this mess cleaned off, you’ll have plenty of money to save and invest. But you’ve got so many payments coming out, there’s no room in your budget to invest — and that’s why we tell people to clean their debt before they take advantage of max (retirement contributions).”

Teresa is not alone in her financial struggles. Her situation mirrors a growing trend in the United States, with many households struggling to manage debt while investing for retirement.

A recent report by Nationwide noted that 50% of retired survey respondents are considering a return to work out of fear of running out of money.

Ramsey doubled down on the fact that it’s never too late to save for the future if you make the right moves.

“You’re trading a $26,000 tractor for $150,000 in your retirement.”

Consulting a financial adviser can provide additional guidance and support for those struggling with debt. Financial advisers offer personalized strategies to manage debt, create effective budgets, and work towards long-term financial goals. They can help with everything from debt management to retirement planning and everything in between.

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