Governor Approval Ratings

Feb 8, 2024

Since the beginning of 2017, Morning Consult has asked every registered U.S. voter we survey what they think of the job performance of their U.S. governor. By consolidating responses from these daily interviews, we are able to provide the industry’s only comprehensive look at the popularity of America’s top statewide federal officials in all 50 states.

Our definitive rankings of America’s most and least popular governors provide the exceedingly rare apples-to-apples, cross-country comparison of governors’ relative popularity among their own voter base, including by political affiliation, age, race and educational attainment.

Each quarter, the U.S. Governor Approval Outlook will keep you up to date on which governors are surging or struggling in the wake of key events, including those who may be up for re-election down the road — whether that be within the year, during the next election cycle or even two cycles away.

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