Uptrends.AI Releases AI-Powered Platform To Streamline Stock Market News Monitoring

Feb 20, 2024

NMotion-backed startup Uptrends.AI released v3 of its stock market news monitoring platform for individual investors. Uptrends uses proprietary artificial intelligence to distill market sentiment and trends by monitoring information from public companies and analyzing millions of articles, press releases and social media posts.

Uptrends’ revamped platform is designed to simplify news-based trading by eliminating the need to spend hours scrolling news and social media websites searching for relevant and timely market information. 

“This is our biggest platform upgrade to date,” said Ramsey Shaffer, CEO and Co-founder. “We took user feedback to heart and built a new product that doubles down on our best features and most popular tools.”

Schaffer said Uptrends customer feedback revealed that users don’t just want stock market news updates, they want the information to be actionable, personalized and streamlined to access. And they want to receive that information in a format that is timely and meaningful so they can act on it in real-time.

Features in the Uptrends v3 release include real-time news alerts, a trending stocks leaderboard and AI-generated summaries of news topics and events.

The New Uptrends.AI

The Uptrends platform now allows users to curate a personalized watchlist of stocks to receive news alerts about. Selections can be made from a list of popular stocks or by using the search function to find specific stock preferences. Users can also select an interest group composed of stocks in the same category, like tech or renewable energy, to follow.

These alerts cover sentiment spikes, price changes and topical events like earnings, bankruptcy rumors, lawsuits and mergers. Users receive email summaries that provide a quick overview of why a specific event matters. Uptrends leadership said this allows for informed decision-making without the need for constant news scrolling.

The v3 release features a trending stocks leaderboard — a dynamic list of the most mentioned stocks in online news. Users can customize their view based on overall mentions or focus on their watchlists or interest groups. The leaderboard provides real-time insights into market trends, making it easier for investors to quickly track relevant information.

The final major upgrade introduces AI-generated summaries. Uptrend’s proprietary artificial intelligence generates summaries for trending stocks and topics to help investors understand the implications of various events. This technology utilizes language models trained on finance-specific data and has the ability to detect and summarize relevant information across thousands of news articles in real-time, according to Uptrend leadership.

“This latest release pushes the envelope of consumer-facing language models. I think it’s a significant step in the realm of AI for investing, and we’re so excited to get it into the hands of our users,” Shaffer added. “By incorporating cutting-edge models and focusing on customer feedback, we’re enabling a truly personalized news experience, and we’re confident these innovations will transform the way investors see the markets for good.”

In addition to the new features, the v3 release has a redesigned user interface with customizable alerts and summaries, and a more seamless experience across devices and browsers.

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